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Precofab exhibits her products and the way these are developed & produced.
Soon you will be able to read all about the technique, possibilities and processes which are performed with passion and an eye for durability.
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Ecologically responsible solutions

Precofab makes the difference by constructing with modular and circular methods We contribute to a smaller ecological footprint in the construction world and thus want to set an example for other manufacturers and contractors.

In the factory Precofab makes different types of prefab building elements, from facade elements, roof elements and everything in between and that goes with it.

With this method they can not only apply the individual elements, but also complete houses or other structures.

Flexible service


Precofab has set up its services in such a way that it can adapt it to every customer and many order requirements. Precofab works with different partners, from large housing projects unitl the smallest private individual. With its products, Precofab is flexible in the versions and is very flexible in the working capacity. By being able to switch quickly and scale up while maintaining quality, no assignment is too large. Depending on the order, a house can be produced within 10 days! Due to the modular construction, this is often possible with one and the same product. The services are adapted to the intensity of the supervision and explanation of the desired product and implementation.

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About us


Precofab helps their clients, especially when they don’t know which way the wind is blowing

Modular & Circular

Precofab specializes in Modular Construction, with Precofab there’s a solution for every residential, recreational and business request. Cost-effective homes that are classified according to your own demands, taste and desire, complete packs with mounting materials included.

Circularity is a growing topic. People are increasingly talking about the circularity of products, the circular economy, society and that’s far from thee end of it. In essence, circularity is nothing more than a working method in which finite raw materials are not exhausted and today’s products become tomorrow’s raw materials. With this strategy by Precofab, we not only combat the amounts used of raw materials, but also excess waste is minimalized.

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